'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Monday 23 May 2011

A rose by any other name…


I knew Babybel liked flowers.

I knew she liked smelling flowers.

I knew there would be lots of roses at Mottisfont just now.

Stupidly I didn’t put those three facts together and realise that, when we went,  she would have to sniff every single rose. [I may be exaggerating slightly…]

She also enjoyed feeding the fish.IMG_5580We had a good time too, though we didn’t sniff quite so many roses.

In the intervals between grandparenting, I've finished the Research Project – I won’t be able to work on it next week and it is due in the week after that.

I got a lot more out of it than I thought I would, and it has changed my attitudes to artist’s books – I think I now prefer the ones with the more conventional formats to the more sculptural ones – provided the content isn’t conventional too…

Next week it’s back to the Personally Managed sketchbook, and when college restarts after half term it will be time to get started on those personal cloths – which probably won’t be cloths…

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