'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Friday 6 May 2011

Where did those days go?

Essay writing, that’s where.

After College on Wednesday it dawned on me that the draft is due in in the middle of June – and we’ll be away for part of the time till then.

So I decided I needed to get started.

It is gradually morphing from a history of European artist’s books [in 4,500 words? Was I mad?] to an outline of the relationship between developments in printing and in artist’s books. Which means that I've learned quite a lot about printing. And I’m fed up with typing ‘artist’s books’. Too many b***y apostrophes.

I’ve just about got up to WW1 and I’m about half way through the word limit, which means there will have to be quite a lot of pruning. I keep telling myself that it is ‘only a draft’, so it doesn’t have to be perfect. All I need to do is get a respectable amount done and hand it in – and they can tell me what to prune!

Wednesday was one of those occasions when you think you’ve understood – and then you get home and think ‘Whaaaa?’ I have grasped that personal cloths don’t have to be cloths [could be litter [yuck]]. They don’t have to have stitch in them. Photographing litter is definite good, but adding stitch to my printed out photos probably isn’t. Making book format samples is for the PMS not the PC, but exploring different things to print on is PC not PMS. Confused? Me too.

As one of my wise colleagues said:

  1. Do nothing now, other things are much more pressing!
  2. Do whatever you fancy, the justification will usually become obvious (hopefully just in time to write something appropriate in the supporting evidence)
  3. Once we get stuck in, the creative juices will flow - won't they?


So that’s what I’m doing – except I have been taking more photos…





while someone was doing more interesting things in the play park – until she couldn’t stand it any more and had to get in on the act.



‘What you doin’ granny?’

Well, dear, I was photographing that paper cup but now I seem to have a nice picture of your favourite silver sandals…

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