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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 8 February 2009

Another lazy woman's stamp ...

an idea from Ruth Issett [I think].

These are foam shapes bought from the Inflated £ shop. [It closed as a pound shop and re-opened under the same management as an all sorts of prices but mostly cheap and cheerful shop.]

I think the shapes are meant to be children's beads - hence the holes. Whatever they are you get a lot of small geometric shapes for your money.

This is my version of the tile you can just see between the blue stars in the image above. I was too lazy to try to copy the circles round the stars - so I just copied the stars. I used the usual card, carpet tape and PVA method to make the stamp.

Because the stars are well spread out I could ink each one with a different colour, and play around with the orientation of the whole stamp. The black examples are my usual inverted colour scans.

The original pink and green version makes me think of embroidered tray cloths - does anyone still use those?

If, like me, you don't fancy lots of satin stitch on a tray cloth, the lighter version suggests shadow work and the darker one foiling - again.

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