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Friday 6 February 2009

Is this the third easiest stamp ever?

After credit card and nature printing, that is?

When I looked at my photo of the Cathedral tiles, I was struck by the one which looks like a quilt block - on the left of the card here. For this tile I made a corrugated card stamp - I'm not sure where I got this technique from but I have wanted to try it out for a while.

I cut two squares of corrugated card, scored them gently diagonally from corner to corner with the craft knife, and peeled away the top layer of card on one side of each. [These are not long life stamps - as you can see the card is already beginning to peel away where I don't want it to.]
I made two because, by inspecting the edges of the squares before you score and peel, you can get the lines of the corrugation running in opposite directions ...

which increases the number of patterns you can make. Also, because you can't clean the stamps, I wanted to have one stamp for each colour I used. I am definitely in a pink and green phase - must be catching.

If you are a quilter you will know that there are quite a lot of other quilt patterns which use pairs of triangles like this. They also make me think of square needlepoint patterns , or satin stitch borders.

The stamps themselves are quite decorative when you have finished stamping. As we discovered on Creative Textiles last week you can sew into corrugated card - [we made holes with an awl first]. You could also stamp on them!
[I want to put a paragraph break in here but b***y Blogger won't let me. To paraphrase George V - b****r Blogger.]
Finally, I must show you the goodies I received yesterday, the result of a painted fusible swap on a Yahoo group I belong to. Thanks [clockwise from top right] to Tracy, Wil and Kate [the really blingy one, bottom left, is mine - foil and lots of sequins].

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