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Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 7 February 2009

O.K. - so I cheated ...

I started this one - or rather these two - yesterday, because I knew the glue would need time to dry.
I liked the look of this little star, so here are most of the materials to make two fun foam stamps for the price of one - almost.

Two pieces of card, one piece of fun foam, some carpet tape and a pair of compasses, because I got all geometrical.

I drew the star on the fun foam and cut out the pieces with a craft knife. I kept all the pieces because I was making two stamps, a positive and a negative.

Then I covered the card with the carpet tape and stuck down the fun foam. If I'd thought I would have used coloured foam to make the pictures clearer ...

You can use double sided sticky tape, but my friendly local DIY-er had the remnants of a roll of carpet tape he was only too glad to donate as he hates the stuff.

The final step was to paint the stamp with slightly watered down PVA [white] glue. This seals the foam [in theory] and desticks the exposed carpet tape.

I left the stamps to dry overnight and tried them out this afternoon.
I used burnt umber like the clay of the tiles but didn't like it on white so I painted it all over with my favourite colours of Koh-i-Noor and sprinkled it with salt.

This could be applique, if you have more patience with little fiddly bits than I have - or perhaps shadow work.
Or how about silver foil on red hand dyed silk?

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