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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 13 February 2009

So what was the third type?

Yesterday I was cutting out a paper snowflake - as you do - when I realised that some of the cathedral tiles looked as if they had been designed by cutting folded paper - or whatever paper-like material was available to medieval tile designers. Look at this lot and see if you agree.

So I decided to try it for myself, inspired by the tiles top left.

This is the negative version - not very well stamped, I'm afraid. I realised too late that using green ink on a green stamp is making life difficult for yourself.

One of the results of the paper folding method is that, with only one fold, you end up with a design which is only symmetrical about one axis [to get a bit mathematical] That means that the design can look slightly odd on its own but usually looks better when repeated. If you rotate the layout round a single point, you can get some interesting secondary patterns. This is a much better snowflake than any I produced yesterday, even if it has only got 4 points.

You will have noticed that there hasn't been a lot of embroidery on this blog for a while. I have been working on some postcards and ATCs for a swap but I can't show you those until they have arrived at their destination. I have also been spending a lot of time sorting out my room after Wensleydale finished his DIY in there - which took a little longer than anticipated, partly because somebody changed her mind.

This is my new paper and paint area - now on the opposite side of the room to the sewing section. [The wonky heater is there, in addition to the very effective radiator, for insomniac nights.]

This is some fairly eclectic storage - the shelves were the last minute addition.

This is the unnaturally tidy sewing alcove. The weird white cat is a cover for the machine. And the photographer is, fortunately, obscured by the flash ...

And this is the bit that remains to be tackled. Yes, I have got a lot of books ...

I think it is going to be a big improvement ,and hopefully when I have finished sorting the books I will feel more inspired. I have had some ideas about the stamps - just need to make myself follow them through!

1 comment:

Jackie said...

The tile photo is lovely.
They look as if they've been torn rather than cut out of paper.
I am impresses by your tidy workroom. Mines just about in order but not ordered at the moment. And as for eclectic...!