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Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 24 February 2009

A Tuesday trip ...

means no new stamp today.

We went to Salisbury, to visit the exhibition by Wessex Textile Artists in the museum. Quite small - but worth a visit. Of course the first things I saw when I walked in were four embroidered medieval tiles ...

The next gallery has an exhibition of costume and other textiles, including a beautiful stump work mirror [ and I can usually contain my enthusiasm for stump work ...]

Then, after coffee and cake in the cafe [there's a surprise] we strolled across to the Cathedral. We haven't been inside it for years and I had forgotten just how beautiful it is. [Despite a shortage of tiles.] And someone was playing the organ, which made it perfect, despite being such a gloomy day.

Most of my photographs were a disaster as flash didn't work for long shots and the gloom meant long exposure times, which meant camera shake - but I could use flash for the wealth of embroideries.

This is a collage of some kneelers in one of the side chapels. More lovely mythical animals.

An altar cloth and kneeler in another side chapel. I love the circle - and the dragon.

The cloth below is, if I remember correctly, 16th century Spanish or Italian - but I may well be wrong.

A more modern cloth - does anyone know if this is the work of the Sarum Group? This is St Lawrence's Chapel, hence the grid and the fire. And I like the modern cross.

I looked in the book shop for something about the embroideries, but couldn't find one, which was disappointing. Winchester has a little booklet which was helpful for C&G.
I must apologise because my camera seems to be taking mega photos again - must have pressed the wrong thing at the wrong time. Again. Last time Cheese Minor fixed it for me, but unfortunately I can't remember what he did - just hope he can ...

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