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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 23 February 2009

I thought things couldn't get any worse ...

but they did.

I thought I would spend this afternoon revisiting a stamp. I cut 6 repeats of the stamp out of transfer dyed paper and stuck them down, being very careful where I put the Pritt stick. [Never let it be said I don't learn from my mistakes.]

Then, because I had read in Kim Thittichai's 'Hot Textiles' that you can transfer print onto plastic, I decided to try it on a plastic page protector.

Kim does warn you not to have too hot an iron.

I did read her warning, honest.

I can report that when your page protector starts to melt you look at it and think 'I'm sure I didn't have any Bondaweb on there'.

And it sticks very well - probably better than Bondaweb.

One of those occasions when it is useful to have a spare ironing board cover.

I did try again with a plastic bag, a cooler iron and lots of baking parchment. [You will notice that although I started off with 6 repeats, by now I had only 4. The other two are snuggling up to a melted page protector in the bin.]
I'm not overwhelmed by the result, but when I'm feeling stronger [and have a new roll of baking parchment] I may experiment some more with different sorts of plastic. And a cool iron.

This is the another impression on some Vilene. Looks OK - except that lumpy bit at bottom right, where a bit of paper glued itself to the fabric and won't come off. I am hoping it will wash off . When I feel strong enough to try.

I wasn't going to bother making a new stamp today but after all that I decided I would. You may remember this.

Which has turned into this.

And then into this. The eraser says 'For Big Mistakes'. No comment.

And this is the result. For once this is not an inverted scan, I printed it with Opalite ink I got from Myfanwy at Winifred Cottage. It's really too runny for printing but it is so luscious I couldn't resist.

Then I bit the bullet and decide to give up on this bit of canvas work. Like the pattern - and notice that I resisted the urge to tidy it up? - hate the colours. When will I learn not to be too realistic when choosing colours, especially when I don't like brown?
OK - I don't always learn from my mistakes ...

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Jackie said...

This is really fascinating. I spent the first 'reading ' wondering what a page projector was. Then I read more carefully..
I've seen one used as an outside for threads and things and then machining.