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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 12 February 2009

Pondering on tile design

I said yesterday that I had been thinking about the design of all these tile. They seem to me to fall into three main types - with a few exceptions, of course!

There are these sort of heraldic ones, which I don't think I will be trying to reproduce. Not that I don't like them, but they are a bit complicated and I am not sure what I would do with them.

Then there are the geometric ones, which can be reproduced fairly easily with a pair of compasses and a ruler. I have tried out several of these and will probably do more.

Yesterday's effort is one of them - and it was great fun to try out and play around with.

I tried tiling this one in a design programme but the computer appears to have eaten it - or saved it somewhere I didn't intend!

This combination of the positive and negative shapes is more interesting anyway and one of my tiling attempts did get saved where I wanted it.

A lovely Art Deco feel to this one. Not sure how I would embroider it - perhaps more of a background?

Thanks to Jackie for her suggestions on getting Blogger to behave. It still won't let me put gaps everywhere I want them - but it's better.
P.S. - I go away, eat my supper [excellent veggie chilli made by Wensleydale] - and the spaces have miraculously appeared!

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Kitty said...

This stamp is my favourite of yours so far. The encaustic tiles remind me of the ones in the Old Hall in my old college. Although there were some fancier William Morris produced tiles designed by Burne-Jones, Morris, Madox Brown, and Rossetti above the fireplace. I believe the Victorian ones I was used to in my undergraduate years were replaced in 2003.