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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 1 April 2010

Dispatch from the plague pit

I’m still here – just, although it has been one step forward and two back over the last few days. As I didn't feel I was getting much better I finally dragged myself down to the doctor’s today. You may think I should have gone sooner, but when things first took a turn for the worse it was all I could do to get out of bed, never mind get dressed and go out. And I was fairly sure it was a virus and our GP’s practice is one of those who don’t give you anti-biotics for a virus – because they don’t work.

So i pottered down and saw a rather personable young man who had lovely pictures of his baby [boy] and his dog [Springer Spaniel] on his desk. [Is this a legal requirement for GPs? all ours seem to do it – not that I've been near the place for years.] I had my ears eyes and throat looked at and my chest listened to – and was told, yes. it was a virus, and no, there wasn't any treatment.

Still, it’s nice to know I haven't got pneumonia. just an upper respiratory tract infection – and just getting dressed and going out did me good.

Still no energy to actually do anything and my brains is in something of a fog, just need to sit here – possibly even get up and walk round the garden occasionally – and wait.

It will be nice when I can actually talk again, not just whisper – not to mention sleeping lying down. And when I can use this machine at the desk and not rely on this !£^$$$£”” touchpad thingy which does NOT improve on acquaintance.


Lesley said...

Celia, Hope you feel better soon. Best wishes Lesley

JP said...

poor you - hope you feel better soon

vintagerockchick said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog from Purple Missus - and I've got what you've got! For the past week I've been bunged up, achey, and my throat feels like I'm an apprentice sword-swallower. I went to Doc's on Wed and he DID give me antibiotics because he said it wasn't viral. Oh, and I lost my voice too, which is why I'm wandering around in Blogland, rather than off to a family party with everyone else.

Julie said...

Hope you soon feel much better Celia.