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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 27 February 2009

And finally ...

the last stamp of the month.
Something which Salisbury Cathedral has, and Winchester hasn't, is [are?]cloisters.
Some interesting shapes, although I find those roundels [daisies?] a bit heavy.
Just after you enter the cloisters, if you look down at the stones which cap the low wall between the arches, you may spot this little bit of vandalism.

Is it a cat? Is it a dog? I have no idea, but someone must have had quite a lot of time to scratch it into the stone.
My version in rubber took a lot less time - and has come out more cat like, I think.

So, one of my more successful efforts to end the month.

If you are looking for something else stamp related, try here, on Chris Gray's excellent blog. And look at the wonderful things she does with those stamps!

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Tangled Stitch said...

Really lovely photos but your daughter is just scrumptious. What a beautiful little girl!