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Saturday 20 June 2009

Another busy day

visiting the National Quilt Championships at Sandown. I don’t make big quilts any more and the show is a shadow of its former self – but we still potter up there most years. Over the last few years I have felt that sometimes the judges valued technique more than design – but not so much this year!

For example – this. The image doesn’t give you an idea of scale – it is bed quilt sized – but the detail shows you the quality of the quilting. Brilliant technique and design – a well deserved winner. I’ve seen and admired Ferret’s work before [more examples here] but I think ‘Winter Star’ is the best yet.

I liked some of the other winner’s but unfortunately I can't remember any names - and there were no programmes available this year.

There was a small exhibition of work by Corinne Gradis and Elodie Watanabe. I find their web site a bit tricky to navigate but if you click on ‘English’, then ‘Collections’ and then hover the cursor over the images until you find ‘blue basket’ – you will find the works that were in the exhibition.

Talking to the pleasant woman on the stall – who I think was Corinne – they hadn’t had much interest. I was only the second person to buy a book. Possibly their work is of more interest to embroiderers than quilters, especially of you are a traditional quilter – but I thought the pieces were beautiful.


I have no images I can show you from the exhibition, so here is the next letter of the alphabet  - 'I' for Italian quilted Ivy. It was stamped wit a real leaf on sheer polyester before cording the outlines – so it’s shadow work Italian quilting, I suppose – although shadow work may reappear when I get to ‘S’ …

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Ferret said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I love Winter Star myself and I will be doing more in the same style. I will have a gallery at the Festival of quilt this year with lots of new work, hope to see you there.