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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 29 June 2009

It’s finished

probably. There are a couple of things I want to tweak, but they are trivial and it could go to college tomorrow as it is.


So today’s photo[s] are of the book.

As usual, I can’t persuade my camera to show the colour accurately – it is actually matte gold with dribbles of sprayed bronze and gold paint.

I changed my mind about the binding and used sequin waste as a spine. The end result is a bit sloppy – I could fix it by rebinding the signatures closer together but to do that I would have to punch new holes in them and I don’t want to do that. [The actual sewing didn’t take very long but adding the beads did.]











Edited highlights – paper and fabric samples from the monoprinting, markmaking with ink, and sort-of-batik sessions. The pop up allowed me to insert samples which were too wide to go in any other way. The grommets and ribbons are because the pages were a bit boring before. [Beads for the same reason – well, that’s my excuse.]










More batik, on hand made paper, transfer printing and monoprinting, some with added stitch, and cut paper to use up a nice sample while disguising the fact that it wasn’t a very good sample.

I do seem to have a liking for things which might almost be landscapes.

Of course if you like neat, well bound books you’ll probably hate this. I like both – I'm just better at making messy ones …


Karen Eade said...

This is great - I really like it. The idea of using sequin waste as a spine is inspired. Please would you say on your blog - or e-mail me direct, my address is on my blog - what "signatures" are? I'm sorry to be thick but I don't know and googling it produces some exceedingly weird results!

Julie said...

Beautiful book Celia, lovely work.

Lesley said...

Celia,Fabulous book! what course are you doing at college?