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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 14 June 2009

If you are squeamish …

you might not want to read the next few paragraphs.

Look away now

This afternoon I did something I have never done before. I sewed through my finger. I did have a foot on the machine but I still managed to get the finger under the needle.  Fortunately I missed the nail - I just have two puncture marks, about half a centimetre apart, on either side of the fleshy part of my left index finger.

Equally fortunately, although the needle broke, I seem to have located all the bits. The machine, of course, is fine. And I'm right handed – the only problems I have encountered are inserting the bobbin into the machine, which I do left handed, and typing.

So far, it isn’t even very painful – like the time I dropped my rotary cutter on my foot and only realised I’d cut myself when I looked down and thought ‘I don’t remember spilling red paint on the carpet’.

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When the unfortunate incident  occurred I was free-motioning these. [You are allowed to say ‘What the heck?’]

This is the next stage of Carole and Linda’s class – couching down fibres to add texture. [This is not on the pieces I made yesterday.]

As we are going to add colour  later, it didn’t matter what colour fibres I used. A good opportunity to use up some of my left over knobbly knitting wool.

Of course Carole and Linda recommend not worrying about a design source, but when did I ever do as I was told? I also omitted the suggested Vilene as I have a Vilene shortage at the moment and I couldn’t wait. That’s why they are a bit curly.

These are going to have hand stitch and Xpandaprint added, and possibly some beads.

It’s a great course, by the way – lots and lots of ideas, enough to keep me quiet for weeks. Can’t wait for their book.


Today’s photo is G for gold work grapes. I did this before C&G so would possibly do it more elaborately now.

Mmm – better make a start on L-Z soon!


Unknown said...

Ouch, hope the finger is not giving too much trouble

Chrissie said...

EEEK! I did that a few years ago and the needle broke off in the fleshy part of my finger and I had to pull it out with pliers ...!

Kitty said...

Reading your blog is always a pleasure, unfortunately this post is not compatible with eating my lunch! Hope your finger is feeling better soon.