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Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 16 June 2009

I think they are breeding

Today’s photo is a result of a bit of tidying in IMG_7035our back garden .

You may wonder why a pair of sportsphobes [I’m sure there’s a real word for that] have so many footballs.

So do we.

They appear intermittently in the back garden, but no-one ever comes to claim them. I knew there were four but when I tidied up another three emerged from the undergrowth. [Our garden being the sort where you can easily hide three – or more – balls in the undergrowth.]

You may wonder why we don’t just lob them back – but 6 [!]other gardens back on to ours and we are not sure where the balls come from. Demographically there are  probably only two possible sources, but we don’t know which of the two has a footballer – possibly both.

And to be honest, if the erstwhile owner[s] can’t be bothered to come round and collect them – I can’t be bothered to try to find out whose they are.

The young rugby players in the bottom garden come round and ask politely for their lost balls, so why can’t the soccer players?

Ronaldo the wonder dog would probably like the smaller one, but I think the others may be a bit big. We have already given some to our immediate neighbours, who have 13 grandchildren to entertain, but there are too many even for them!

In complete contrast - if you have some time to waste - this is quite entertaining, although they haven’t included the work of Susie MacMurray.

The site has gone into my ‘favourites’ category entitled ‘Things to do when I’m bored’!

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