'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 28 April 2009

Despite a forecast of rain …

we decided to go to Salisbury  anyway.


It didn’t rain -as you can see from this photo taken through the car windscreen  - I wasn’t driving!

The rain waited till we got home. fortunately. Then it decided to hail.

We went to Salisbury to visit 'Joined Together’ at the Arts Centre. I wanted to see Deirdre Wood’s textiles – but enjoyed the whole thing. The work of the three artists – Wood’s weaving, Nick Barberton’s carvings and Jonathan Garrett’s ceramics – complement each other very well.  There was a synchronicity of colour and shape in the pieces displayed which seemed to highlight the differences between the three media.

Curiously, I found the ceramics and carvings more inspirational for embroidery than the weaving – if you look at the link to Barberton’s work, the platters on the right could be quilted. And Garrett’s ‘Pi circles’ shown on his link, had wonderful surfaces and textures. It is not that I didn’t like Wood’s work – the weaving was exquisite and the result very sculptural – but for some reason it didn’t inspire me in the same way.

We first discovered the Arts Centre a few years ago and it has become our favourite place to go for lunch in Salisbury. It is a bit out of the way – which means it is usually quiet on a weekday – and the food is very good. IMG_6330And there is the bonus of interesting exhibitions as well.

After the exhibition there was time for a bit of retail therapy – boring essentials from Lakeland and an exploration of some of the charity shops I’d spotted on a previous visit but not had time to get into. I scored this book which I have taken borrowed from the library several times, and some dresses for Babybel as well as these, below.


The fishy  bag was not part of the deal but one of the benefits of a stash is that you can quickly knock up a replacement for nasty plastic bags – while using up some fabric  which you are not quite sure why you bought .




Today’s achromatic picture was not taken through the car windscreen looking out, but from the outside looking in – or rather at the reflections in the glass. [The car was not parked on its side at the time, I rotated the image to bring out the treeiness.] Love the distortion – and I do have this thing about trees. MMM – wonder if I could post a month of daily tree images?

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