'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 8 April 2009

A Wednesday wander and some works in progress …

Our outing this week was to the Furzey Gardens, on the edge of the New Forest. There is a small gallery there, the wonderfully named Will and Em Gallery. The textile group ‘Fray Edges’ have a display there this month, which is well worth a visit, as there is some unusual work. I was particularly taken with the work of Judith Bell – appliqué and re-embroidery of what looked like soft furnishing fabric -and Caroline Bell – retro 50s/60s designs,[ not shown on the website]. Both featured impressive use of satin stitch. [Satin stitch and I don’t get on …]

After the gallery we had a cream tea and walked it off [maybe] in the gardens proper.furzey april '09

Lots of spring flowers 






furzey april '091 and other items of interest, 








including these two. I love alpaca. In my dreams I own some, I have learned to spin, and I knit nothing else but alpaca.




I have rather less tolerance for fairies – but was rather taken with this.




The gardens have a children's play area with towers and huts and galleries and swings – which was proving very popular, as it is the school holidays – which we forgot until we arrived and found the car park almost full. Ah – the bliss of not knowing when the school holidays are …

I did get round to adding some stitch to the salt pans lastIMG_6111 night, while not watching a programme on the BBC about Siberian  horse herders. And if you watched it you will know why I was glad to have something else to look at.

The plan is to add lots of free cross stitch in a variety of threads – and then some beads. This is the first layer. [That isn’t dandruff, it’s the foiling reflecting the flash.]



And I am glad to say that some of the rusty washers look a bit rustier today – some very interesting colours seem to be developing.





Today’s blue image is a wonderful door in the centre of Winchester near the Cathedral. In my dreams I live behind a door like this [with the alpaca in the back garden …]

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