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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 1 April 2009

Our Wednesday wander

was to Eastleigh Museum for this exhibition of modern Ghanaian printed textiles. It was fascinating to learn how the culture of Ghana has affected the design of textiles which until quite recently were actually made in Europe.

I loved the examples with logos or messages included in the design. Where someone here might wear a garment with a fairly discrete logo - there it will be plate sized, repeated and usually brightly coloured.

I can just imagine Wensleydale's mum's reaction to the suggestion that she wore a dress covered in logos for the Methodist church choir she belonged to ...

If you are interested the exhibition is on until the 25th April and then moves to Fareham in May. At Eastleigh husbands can inspect a small display about steam engines, which may interest them more than the textiles ...

Today's green image is only partly green, but as I am very proud of the photo I am going to include it anyway. The model was very professional and posed for me beautifully over quite a long period of time - I think s/he was probably too young to know any better.

All together now - aahhh!

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