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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 30 April 2009

When I said I’d rebind my book tomorrow …

I didn’t mean at 3 a.m. But that’s when I did it. I had meant to take ‘before and after’ photos, but I forgot until I had deconstructed the book.


So you will have to imagine a rather lumpy loop of beads down the left hand side.





I  used a long stitch binding from Alisa Golden’s ‘Creating Handmade Books’, although I modified it in the rebind, to make it a bit firmer.


The pages are made of various papers, mostly the wax batik technique from ‘Contemporary Textiles’. Unfortunately I cut the pages a bit small.


When I'd finished the book, inspired by the image I’d chosen for today’s achromatic picture, I mucked about with various free photo-editing programmes on the web.IMG_1288

This  was the image I started with –  a building at the Weald and Downland Museum.






Some time ago I changed it to black and white and used ‘Amazing Circles’ at Dumpr to do this.






I've posted before about the Hockneyizer. So I Hockneyized it. Looks a bit unstable now!







And then for good measure I Warholized it.







And I’ve just discovered picnik, which lets you do other interesting things with your pictures.  Like this.





IMG_6337This afternoon I set fire to things.These things to be precise. Some of the wax batik papers and some extras. I think Wensleydale thought I’d turned to arson in my old age.

Not, perhaps, what you ought to do when you’ve only had a IMG_6338few hours sleep.

This was another suggestion from Contemporary Textiles – Sue gave us a lot to do this time. [I haven't got round to the hammering yet.]

The burned papers became pages in this. [Lest you think I have been remarkably productive, the covers were already made.] The papers made me think of the sea so I used a stick binding [but it’s really a bit of beach-combed twine]  and some shells.




Karen Eade said...

This was a great post: thank you for all the lovely links that allow you to play with your photos. How do you find these sites?
What is "contemporary textiles"? It's obviously some course you are doing but I am not sure what?
I loved your texture photo from yesterday. How did you do that or was it in fact a photo you had played with? And the photo of trees taken through glass was great.

Jackie said...

Thats one of my favourite places. I wish I lived a bit nearer. I love all the experiments with the pics.
I used that building in one of my C&G design sheets 14 years ago.