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Sunday 27 September 2009

Shock! Horror!

Cheshire goes to the Hillier Gardens without Wensleydale!

Well – it was to an embroidery workshop. Wonderful as W. is I don’t expect him to accompany me to those. He stayed at home and painted the front door. Which looks very good. Should either of our sons ever visit us again they won't recognise the place.

[That is a test to see if either of them reads this blog.] [Daughters-in-law reading it and telling sons doesn’t count.] [But I digress.]

The workshop was with Caroline Hyde-Brown, whose work I’ve admired at a number of craft exhibitions in the past. You can see her work on her website.image

Here is my [unfinished] version – ‘only a sample’.

I’m quite pleased with it – although as usual I felt that if I’d known what we were going to do I’d have taken a different collection of stuff. Like different chiffons and  different threads.

The background is kozo paper which is wonderful to sew on – and did you know Angelina will stick to kozo when ironed? So you can stick snippets of fabric, thread and roving to it with Angelina? I didn't do it on this piece but I’m sure I will in the future.

There is another piece but as that is even more unfinished, it isn’t worth showing.

IMG_8580 On the other hand, this is completely finished.

Except that I’m not sure about the buttons.




Today’s flower isn’t a flower – I’m not sure what it is – apart from seeds, obviously. But I love the visual texture of it. Lots of little snippets held down by beads or French knots.

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Kel said...

Hi Celia, I left you a link for art journal paper in the LK Ludwig class comments.