'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 20 September 2009

A Sunday saunter

for once – we don’t often go out on Sundays – because we don’t have to. We went to the Stitch and Creative Crafts show. Although it is less my cup of tea than the Knitting and Stitching Show - too much paper and cross stitch - it is easier to get to. And this time I wanted to get some alphabet stencils, so I thought all those paper stalls would provide some. Well – I did find one eventually, although it was smaller than I really wanted, but it is metal so I can use it with a soldering iron. Apparently card makers don’t use stencils.

I only spotted one stall selling nothing but cross stitch, and they didn’t look rushed off their feet – the assistant was reading the paper – so perhaps other people are coming to share my view of cross stitch. [Regular readers will know that cross stitch is not my favourite form of embroidery.]

So what did I buy? This lot. The only things which weIMG_8469re actually on my list were the stencil and the fabric, although I wanted to look at the books before buying them form Amazon or the Book Depository. [Resist temptation? Me? And Yorkshire Books had them for £2 off.]

The Burmese dolly is, of course, for Babybel – she is probably a bit young for her yet, but that will give Nanny time to make her some more clothes. [I would have preferred to be Granny, not Nanny, but I didn’t get any choice. W. is also Nanny, which can get a bit confusing …] The knitting yarn is also for Babybel – it is self patterning and looked good knitted up. Perhaps toddler and dolly cardigans? 


Today’s flower is a foxglove in the woods at Kingston Lacy – looking even gloomier than they actually were because of the flash. Lovely colours, shapes and textures.


Kitty said...

Cardmakers don't use stencils? Hmmm various pithy comments about peel-offs come to mind. Scrapbookers on the otherhand do - though not necessarily melt proof ones.
On another topic, as children my sisters and I named our Grandmas (Granny and Nanny were NOT allowed) after their pets. What was your cat called again?

Unknown said...

You never know...Dad has managed to get Babybel to call him JaJa, and not Nanny, like you, Lewis and Mum are all called, just through persistent training!

Also, "Yishi" started off "Ish" then was "Yi-Yi", then "Yishi" but now, after copying my Mum calling him his full name "Yishun" when he was naughty, has become "Yishum".

It just takes her time to get to grips with the full words, and "Nanny" is easier to say than "Granny". I'm sure she'll get to Granny eventually.

When watching the film Lassie yesterday, Lassie was pointed at and called "Yishi" for the first half of the film, then, because I kept correcting her, towards the end of the film she became "Lassie!", which shows she had learnt the specific name for a dog, after first calling the dog her generic name for dogs, or the same name as her dog. See, she's learning so rapidly now, she can get a new word within a 1/2 hour!