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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 12 October 2009

Home again

after an enjoyable holiday in [IMG_6136you’ve guessed it] Yorkshire. We were very lucky with the weather apart from one very wet day when this -the River Skirfare in April -




looked like this.

The river bed is usually dry, due to a sink hole upstream, so for it to get this high there must have been a lot of rain. Not that it worried the sheep.


However, as it was so wet, I persuaded Wensleydale that we needed to go somewhere with a roof. Like Gawthorpe Hall, home of the Rachel Kay-Shuttleworth collection of textiles – not that that influenced my desire to visit it, of course.  :-^)

It is a lovely house in its own right – I could imagine living there quite happily. And the exhibition is lovely – very useful for C&G students researching either the history of embroidery or foreign embroidery – if you still have to do that in the new version of the course.

We also explored Nidderdale,  because we had discIMG_8737overed that Wensleydale’s great grandfather had been born there - or rather                     here.

Not that the family owned it – neither of us come from families with that sort of money!

Yesterday we were intending to go up to the Royal Parks to cheer on Babybel’s mum, who was running a half marathon. Unfortunately we didn’t quite make it, but we were able to catch up with the successful athlete later – 1 minute inside her predicted time, despite suffering from the after-effects of gastro-enteritis, seems very impressive to me!


Despite his apparent exhaustion, the dog didn’t run the marathon with her.

And Babybel seemed to be thinking about stepping into her daddy’s shoes – although she’ll have to grow a bit before they fit.

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Leah & Robin Darbyshire said...

Thanks Celia!!!!
We found out yesterday that our childminder and her husband also had gastroenteritis over the weekend like me, so it must have been that, although, I suppose,at least they didn't have to run a half-marathon!
Muscle soreness easing and started running again but really looking forward to post-race massage now!