'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 31 October 2009

Things are getting silly around here.



Not this – this year’s Christmas cake. The fact that it is so level is pure fluke, believe me.



Nor this – the faggotted piece from yesterday. The stabiliser did turn out to be heat removable, which reminded me once again why I don’t like heat removable stabilisers – difficult to remove from heavy stitching, and you can’t just leave it to soak like you can with wash-away.

IMG_9016 Nor is this silly – the design for which I tore paper yesterday and then had to postpone while the page dried. Of course you can't actually see the page – but I know it’s there … So maybe it’s a bit silly.

 IMG_9023No – the silly thing is my 3D experiment.

I used my line to make a more or less symmetrical shape, cut out 4 of them from wallpaper and stapled them together.






And then the points insisted on being rolled over.






Since then I've been trying to reproduce it in the fabric/paper I made yesterday. Which is a lot more difficult than doing it in paper, believe me. I think I've got to stage C – take it apart and start again.

That tissue box isn’t just a stage prop – or rather it is – take it away and the thing falls over.


This is nothing like what I had intended to do for Contemporary Textiles, but I am really enjoying myself. Perhaps working open-ended is better for me than telling myself I'm going to do some tiles, or an alphabet, or some graffiti?


Today’s sketchbook page is, amazingly, another sketch. I have been using water-soluble crayons a lot because you can blur out a lot of the less successful bits with a nice atmospheric wash …

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