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Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 13 October 2009

I have been wondering

what to do for my daily photo, since I’ve run out of flowers. I’ve noticed that the owners of a couple of blogs – although I can’t remember which ones – have been showing images of their sketch books – so I thought I might show you some of my non-sketch books – because there isn't much sketching in them.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t get started on anything until I’ve made a book for it. So when we were asked to look at two installation artists for Contemporary Textiles, the first thing I did -[once I’d decided who I was going to choose] – was make books for each of them.

And I can’t do anything to follow up the first CT session until I’ve made a book for iTop-6.BMPt.

This is one of my installation artists books. I think I’ve shown the front cover before – since then the back has gained a bit of decoration, and the whole thing has got a bit more battered. And fatter. The thing on the back is a temporary tattoo from a set I bought in the £ shop ages ago thinking they’d come in useful. Somehow they seemed right for this book.


This is an early pair of pages – some of my photos from the Banksy exhibition and a rather basic mind map. I am a keen exponent of mind mapping – and most of mine are much more complicated than this one.

Some disappointing news on the degree – the official start has been postponed until after half term, apparently due to an administrative glitch. Unfortunately I still missed the introductory session last week, because I was on holiday, and that wasn’t postponed.

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Quilt Architect said...

I like seeing textile artist journals.
I have been studying Joan Miro and have just finished making my study book of his works. The cover is an original design inspired after filling up the book with images from his paintings...that I drew free hand.
I talk a little about Miro and his art.
It is amazing to me how useful this was, as I had not done this before.
I got inspired to do this by an article in Ragged Cloth by

Clairan Ferrono. She helped me to see that I was missing a lot by not really Focusing and Paying Attention. So drawing this journal and then doing a book cover for it was a eye opener that I plan to repeat.

Thank you for sharing yours!!!
You can see mine here