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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 9 April 2009

This and that …

mostly that, as I had another insomniac night. so didn’t feel like doing much that was really creative.


These quilts had dried after dyeing and washing, so had to be inspected. The wadding in this one was cotton so it has shrunk a little and has a wonderful texture.

The white dots are a fabric I printed with bubble wrap – as you can see acrylic paint doesn’t dye. I like the effect and can see uses for it.



This is the back – an old piece that I discharged, and which  has now been over-dyed twice.







This wadding was polyester, so no shrinkage. The binding fabric was labelled ‘cotton’ – but was clearly poly-cotton, as I suspected. The white shapes are a commercial fabric, which must also have been printed with something that won't dye.

If I find the time I might over dye this – perhaps with more magenta, perhaps with blue around the edges.


Obviously I had polyester thread in the bobbin when I did the quilting. Not bad for my first attempt with the embroidery module.




The quilts weren’t today’s activities, all I did was take the photos. And as you can see I had help.

What I did do this morning was slosh a bit of IMG_6126paint around.

If these look like tile colours – you might well be right. The salt pan ideas haven’t gone away, but I have  a lot of tile ideas as well – and creeping in are some ideas about archaeology, inspired by this. [More pictures here.]

We have a connection to this site as Mrs Cheese Major was the manager of the Bottoms Up shop which used to be there.

  Today’s blue image is a IMG_1293-1window at the Weald and Downland Museum. The glass is reflecting the sky but the panes are all at different angles because the lead between the panes has distorted.

When I was doing ‘Creative Sketchbooks’ i made a paper collage inspired by this window, using skies from lots of magazine ads. I think it would make an interesting canvas work piece – a good way to use up lots of bits of blue and grey …


Babs Banter/QUILTECH said...

You make me want to dig out my dye stuff which languishes in the shed at bottom of garden - I used to love having dyeing sessions - found it exciting - never knowing quite how the fabric would turn out but somehow the time flies by - yet another day is filled with domesticity and 'stuff' - so creativity goes to the wall. Have forgotten most of it - will have to get back to the drawing board - or follow your blog as you're going great guns!!!! Nearly typed GINS!! But you know what I mean! Having written that think I might just have a G & T with lots of ice and lemon. Hope you are not teetotaller or I could be banned from the site!!


Tangled Stitch said...

I'm an insomniac too so I feel for you. The colors and the work of your quilt is beautiful. Hope you get a good night's sleep!