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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 1 May 2009

I can resist anything except temptation.

I alreadmay'09y have –er – six things on the go – so many that I made a collage rather than posting individual photos.

On the top row we have the printed canvas I started on holiday. I shall probably finish that tonight while listening to the TV, and then it will become a cushion cover.

Next to it is the salt pans – definitely not forgotten, just waiting patiently to rise through the pecking order.

On the middle row is an experimental piece I haven’t shown you before – inspired by pebbles. It has reverse appliqué, quilting and stitch. It’s stalled a bit because it needs more stitch but I'm not sure what.

Next to that is some locker hooking I started in an attempt to reduce the stash of knitting yarn – but I haven’t done enough to get into a rhythm with it and it may get abandoned.

Bottom left are 1.9  socks for Wensleydale – computer knitting, and very close to finishing if I just stopped typing and started knitting. And last of all the discharged, Kantha’d, shrunk piece.

Of course that doesn’t include all the bits of fabric and thread lying about the sewing room because I had an idea about what to do with them, but never got started. I do have some self-control.

And we won't talk about the large box on the top shelf of the cupboard with the things I will finish one day, honest.

Please tell me I am not alone in this habit of having too many things on the go at once? It happened much less when I was doing C&G  - oh, the discipline of deadlines!

So – this afternoon I was tempted and I fell. I started a seventh piece.

The BQL challenge for May is Trapunto. The original design by Kandy Newton is the word ‘May’ in Trapunto but of course I’ve been thinking about tiles.


So here is a freezer paper cut out adhered to some silk. Since then I have Trapunto'd it, and quilted it – and now it is saying it wants the fleur-de-lis outlined in gold, and probably some gold beads as well. So it isn’t going to be a quickie.



I have only Trapunto'd once before, as a sample for C&G.

It was in my leaf period – and my transfer dyes on poly satin period. You may spot a few small beads on there – very useful for covering places where my scissors slipped in removing the extra wadding.




Now for something a little more restrained. 

This is a design I made using Jane Dunnewold’s technique. This was my Klimt period, in case you hadn’t guessed.

Mmm – the Stitched Textile Design group challenge is to do something inspired by Klimt …

I will not start another piece, I will not start another piece – I will not start … – just yet.

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Cobi said...

I love this Celia. I don't see why we should wait and finish everything first, you have to follow when inspiration hits. I see that as a learning experience. getting the ideas out of your head and into existance makes it easier to continue with the things you were stitching on earlier on. and it might give you new ideas or show you other ways to continue and enjoy finishing it. when I have to finish something before starting something new I'll never start a new project.