'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Thanks again

for all the interesting ideas involving wooden stamps – if I ever get time to play I shall have fun.

Today has just been exercising and shopping – although the shopping was interesting. I had a £5 Hobbycraft voucher – so I had to go and spend £25 in Hobbycraft to use the voucher, didn’t I? I stocked up on stuff I think I will be using when the degree starts, some balloons for Babybel’s birthday in November, and some adhesive fun foam to try making roller stamps like those in the current ‘Cloth Paper Scissors’ - which I was able to buy in my little local  dammit shop at a very reasonable price. Not sure if they stock ‘Quilting Arts’ but my sub to that hasn't expired yet.

As it happens, B&Q, that other Mecca for mixed media fans, is between here and Hobbycraft – and it’s Diamond Card day today – so I bought some paint rollers for the next chapter of Margaret Peot’s book, which could be subtitled ‘cruelty to paint rollers’. I also managed to find some liming wax, much used by Maggie Grey  et al, but which I've never managed to find before. It’s a biggish pot and it wasn’t cheap even with 10% off. Now I will just have to find the books which tell you what to do with it …

Speaking of degrees, I had an otherwise very nice e-mail from the tutor [who has taught me before] in which she describes me as a ‘challenging’ student. Me – challenging? I’m sure A would confirm that I am a quiet little mouse in class … Just like her.

daisy seurat

My memory being what it is, I can’t remember which flower images I’ve shown you – but I'm trying to spin them out a bit longer as I can’t think of a different topic. I think I posted the original of this when I made a daisy book cover – but this has been got at, as you probably realise. Not a free program unfortunately, but Corel Painter Photo Essentials which came bundled with Paint Shop Pro. This is the ‘Seurat’ effect. I would love the full program but I think that will have to wait until W. has got over the fees for the degree…


Kitty said...

"Me – challenging? I’m sure A would confirm that I am a quiet little mouse in class … Just like her." We're as good as gold!

Unknown said...

:-) I can't see you being a quiet little mouse in class to be honest!
I never was either.