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Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 14 October 2009

Unsketch Book Part Deux.

Visiting the Banksy exhibition made me think about the use of lettering in art – and embroidery. Not just graffiti but illuminated manuscripts, samplers, Tracy Emin …Top-2.BMP

And then I started thinking about textile-related words and phrases which have another, non-textile meaning. So today's pages are some of the ideas I jotted down -there are a surprising number of them.

Not all of these inspire me but I’m a great believer in writing down everything that comes into my head and editing later.

Incidentally, according to this article found by  Mr Cheddar, the Banksy Exhibition made £15 million for Bristol – despite being free. Which proves something, though I’m not sure what.

I enjoyed this quote in the article, from the deputy council leader.:

"He isn't just a tagger but a  gifted artist in his own right. He is slightly off-the-wall and he has a strong kind of chemistry, which fascinates people.”

Er – no, Mr Cook – Banksy is on the wall. That’s the thing about graffiti …

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Quilt Architect said...

Speaking of lettering...reminded me of this Antique Library where they have free Cross antique embroidery...mostly cross stitch ...of letters from the 1930's and so forth. You might find something of interest there.