'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 31 January 2009

Another grand day out

even if it was b***y cold. We all went down to the coast together to help celebrate Mrs Cheddar's birthday.

Some of us paddled. The more mature members of the party didn't.

I forgot to photograph Mrs Cheddar's present before I delivered it but it looked rather like this. After I made that for Babybel, hints were dropped. Fortunately I found another panel in Hobbycraft.

I realised when I trawled through older posts in search of that photo that on January 30th last year I posted a picture of the cherry tree in bloom. No sign yet this year, and snow is forecast ...

Tonight's design work is two pixellated versions of the pebbles image. One is of a version with very saturated colours which I think I have already shown you - and the other is paler. Either could be patchwork or, more to my taste, canvas work, with lots of squares in crunchy textured stitches.

Although I still have lots of ideas to explore with this image - I suspect you may be growing bored with it. So I have decided to switch tactics. I mentioned that Susie MacMurray had suggested either trying lots of techniques with one idea, or the same technique with several ideas. So as of tomorrow [I hope] I want to try exploring one technique - making stamps - with lots of different stimulus images. This is also inspired by Dunnewold et al's suggestion of making an eraser stamp a day for 30 days [OK, 28 days as it's February tomorrow.]
Mind you, as Wensleydale hasn't quite finished the DIY in my room - it might be February 2nd before I get started ...

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