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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 12 January 2009

Photo five - the saga continues

This is the latest installment of our trip to the Hillier Gardens - there were three of these trees with amazing bark. I made a mental note of what type of tree they were - but that was Friday, this is Monday ...

Looking at these photos makes me want to explore different colour schemes - which has been exacerbated by tidying up my stash. [This is a major task taking - so far - a whole day.]
I read a suggestion somewhere that if you keep your fabric in boxes or baskets, you should roll it and store it upright, because then you can see what you've got without having to root through a pile. This is part of the the result - just my pink/red bits, excluding scraps too small to roll.
I suspect the method works best if you have uniformly sized pieces of non-slippery fabric - I found some of the smaller pieces disappear to the bottom and the slippery stuff unrolls and tries to escape - but it certainly improves accessibility.
It also reminded me how much I've got! I am a sucker for bargain packs, so I have lots of bits from those, and because I usually dye gradations I have left overs of the colours I use less like pink, orange, yellow and green. Perhaps a pink and lime green piece is called for?


Kitty said...

Nice tip regarding stash storage (although mine is half in the loft half in the "box" room - I'm thinking fabric swatch cards). As for a lime green and pink piece of work - yes. It is the best colour combo ;-)

Digitalgran said...

That tree is wonderful and I have never seen one before anywhere!