'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Friday 9 January 2009

I had intended

to continue with the beach theme for the daily photo but when I looked out of the window this morning I changed my mind, because the back garden looked like this.

It isn't snow, just heavy frost, as it is -2 degrees C out there - not cold to many of you, I know, but cold for this bit of the south of England.

And for no extra charge you get a second photo. I do love the way apple trees grow - especially elderly and long neglected apple trees. Although we know little about the history of the land on which Cheese Acres is built, there were small holdings in this area just after WWI so it is possible that these trees and those in our neighbours' garden are up to 90 years old. [If you are an apple tree expert and think I'm typing rubbish, feel free to let me know!]

By the way, it isn't called 'Cheese Acres' because we have acres - just a tribute to a much missed broadcaster who called his home 'Peel Acres'.

The next images are not part of my daily photo plan. In the old BBM days [before book making] I used to make bags for instant gratification, and as part of my search for the perfect bag. The perfect bag is, of course, impossible, because it would be the size and weight of a credit card on the outside but hold as much as a small pantechnicon.

I am always amused by patterns for evening bags which claim to hold all you need for a night out - a key, a credit card and a lipstick. I obviously don't go on the right sort of nights out because I carry a little bit more than that. I need at least three keys [door, car, garage] not to mention the car door zapper. And what do you do if your credit card is refused because someone has yet again tried to use it fraudulently? - which has now happened to me three times. And don't these people ever need cash? I would save a bit of space in the evening bag because I don't wear lipstick, but that space would be taken up by my comb and hand cream [my skin gets very dry].

And the 'all you need for a night out' plan always seems to omit your reading glasses - without which you cannot read the menu. Plus, in my case my contact lens kit, in case I need to re-lubricate them - and my seeing glasses - in case I lose a lens. And if I'm taking two credit cards and some cash I might as well take my purse because if I take the cards out I'll never remember to put them back.
Then there is the mobile - not that I ever use it but I got it for emergencies and if there was one I'd look silly if it was at home. And a packet of tissues. And a notebook and pen. And, depending where I'm going, my camera - not having the sort of phone that takes pictures [can we say technophobe?]

Obviously on a night out I wouldn't take the spare shopping bag needed because I am trying to be green. But you can see why this is my handbag of choice. It holds all the above, [although finding stuff in it can involve unpacking], plus it leaves my hand free. And the zip is concealed against pickpockets.

So why did I make this silly little item? Because of the problems with the back pack I though it would be nice to be able to put the real essentials [purse, phone, reading specs and keys] in something I could string round my neck and over my shoulder, for times when I can put the rest of the junk elsewhere - still accessible, but not weighing me down all the time. It is based on these instructions, but bigger. [!] The bobbled braid fell out of my scrap bag and insisted on being used. I think it goes well with the very silly twisted cord.


Kitty said...

Top tip: it is amazing what necessary "junk" can be palmed off on your husband......

Wil said...

LOL Lovely rant about what to put in your bag.

Unknown said...

Hi Celia,
I love the evening bag! Even at my most minimal using my tiny evening bag for Xmas do recently I still couldn't get by with any less than the keys, credit card, lipstick PLUS mobile phone as you mention to call home, a £20 note just in case, my Oyster card in case I needed to get on the tube and - because I am a mum - my under-eye concealer pen which has become an essential in these sleep deficient times. So my tiny evening bag didn't close shut. I wonder if there is any woman out there who could use it!