'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 29 January 2009

Remember these?

The unlandscapes are finally completed [apart from putting some sort of hanging mechanism on the back.] Of course I was not motivated to finish them by the fact that I have a class tomorrow and I want to take them in ...

In another part of the forest - this is another idea from Maggie Grey. I made two copies of the 'hot stones' version of the pebble photo, sprayed one with black webbing spray, then cut it up and wove it through the other one. This looked a bit bland, so for the first time since I started the daily photo/design exploration series - I added some fibres.

First I just wove the black wool through but it was not very firmly secured so I add 4 cross stitches. I started off stitching over the thread ends but in a moment of aberration made one stitch in a paper square [the one at the bottom]. Guess which one I like best?

If I was going to follow this up as a 'real' embroidery, I think I would first mount the prints on felt to give them a bit more body, and possibly add machine embroidery to the result, before cutting and weaving and adding [perhaps more complex] hand embroidery. The grey and orange colour combination appeals to me more and more [and I don't like orange ...]

Quick post because I have to prepare for tomorrow and clear part of my workroom. Wensleydale is going to put up an extra worktop for me which should provide:
  1. a painting/gluing/generally making a sticky wet mess place so I don't have to use the kitchen;
  2. a high surface so I can work standing up without my back objecting;
  3. more storage space so I can keep the aforementioned space clear.

This will be done [we hope] while I am out tomorrow. but first I have to make room ...

Notice how yesterday Blogger wouldn't let me add spaces between paragraphs and today it insists on adding great big ones?

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Kitty said...

Good grief it is tomorrow isn't it? I haven't bothered to look at the requirements list yet. Not sure whether I still have the list - my husband did some DIY in my studio too which left me with lots of lovely shelf space to lose all my notes on. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow - although I may be ringing you if I haven't found my list!