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Saturday 28 November 2009

As promised …

some photos. contemporary textiles12

First – before and after pictures of my drawing. On the left – my left hand before beginning to work through ‘Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain’. On the right – the one I did a few days ago [the speckles are glue coming through from the other side].

Slight improvement, I hope you agree. This is a GOOD book. 

Second – one piece frocontemporary textiles11m yesterday. We went round with paintbrushes taped to the ends of canes, and painted squiggles on each other’s pieces of A1 paper. This is mine – at the top, the way it looked when first painted, and after a few additions at the bottom. 

Not sure where this is going [I think I've said that before]. Terrie the tutor suggested Jae Maries type grids of sticks over the top – but they'd have to be big sticks… Grids seem to be a developing theme – Terrie’s suggestion but I didn’t need much encouragement.

I’ve decided to finish off the year of [almost] daily photos with my C&G ‘research’ sketch book. I’m not sure if the new improved [?] C&G requires you to carry out research  - i.e. design explorations inspired by your chosen topic – but my version did. My topic was ‘Early 20th Century Art’ – and I really enjoyed it.

I started this sketchbook not long after visiting the Kandinsky exhibition at the Tate – and Mr Kandinsky crops up once or twice -  IMG_9374  like here. Mr Kandinsky’s version – and mine, in torn paper. Have you ever tried to tear a circle? But cutting was strongly discouraged.

The label is because the tutor [not Terrie or Sue] told me rather late in the day that I should have made notes about the techniques I’d used – and some of the pages had so much crud on them there wasn’t space, or a suitable surface, to write anything. And I like labels.

The little photo at the bottom in the middle is of one of Winchester’s modern art bollards – in this case, a Kandinsky. You didn’t know Kandinsky painted bollards, did you?

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