'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Monday 23 November 2009

More madness …


The other side of the page which I showed yesterday. The piece of veg. net went right round – so there is slightly more disciplined weaving, with threads and another veg.net, on the other side. The page is one of my Margaret Peot inspired pieces – black Brusho sprayed through a piece of crumpled hessian. It’s a technique I want to try out on fabric.


This fossil fish is slightly saner – some of the monoprinting we did a couple of weeks ago. I am in love with black, white and magenta.

I think I have put too much stitch in the body of the fish – although it looks better from a distance than up close. Because it is printed on paper I can’t take the stitches out – the marks will show – so I am swithering about adding a little black paint over the stitch.


This is the fabric I painted in class last Wednesday. It is more muted than it appears in the photo – the base fabric was grey. I think I would have got more mottling if I hadn’t been impatient and unscrumpled it before it was dry – but in the dreadful weather we’ve been having it showed no sign of drying out in its scrumpled form. I’m pleased with it – although I fear it will end up in the ‘too nice to cut up’ pile.

We spent a large part of the afternoon clearing Babybel’s room for her new bed which is due to arrive on Friday. This involved dismantling her cot, taking it up to the loft, and moving everything that might be in reach, as she’ll be able to get out of bed and explore. I suspect some of the books will still be in reach [the room doubles as our overflow library] but after moving two shelves worth I couldn’t face any more …

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Unknown said...

I'm sure she'll love her new bed. So far she hasn't yet got out of bed on her own during the night or morning and waits for us to go in and carry her out as with the cot, so I'm not sure whether she has realised that she can now do this! She may do by mid-December of course.