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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 12 November 2009

The Degree – Day 2

I am beginning to wonder what I have let myself in for. Although yesterday was less stressful than the first day [printmaking, which I have done before], I still woke in the night with lots of ideas in my head and no idea how I was going to achieve them all. Another insomniac night ensued.

I think the Contemporary Textiles work is going on the back burner for a while – which I expected, which is why I have been concentrating on it until the degree course started.

I had intended to scan several of the prints to show you – but it hasn’t been done.  I have sorted and put away the previous week’s work – this is definitely going to be a course where I need to keep on top of things - and I have started some of the reading – this. I haven’t read anything that requires so much concentration for a long time – it’s well written but there are lots of new ideas for me to ponder on.

Next week we are actually going to do some stitch – although paint will also be involved.

So, a look back to calmer times! A slightly dIMG_9118doctored photo of an installation, and a very boring string stamp inspired by it. The stamp needed a lot more loops – or thicker string – to make it work. [Notice the reflective evaluation here – one of the requirements for the degree.]

Today is an important day – Babybel is 2! And on Saturday we have a very important date for a very important birthday party, so I shall have to forget stitched textiles for once, and concentrate on birthday presents, cake, cuddles and games. Good!

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Cobi said...

congratulations with the lovely lady's second bd. looking forward to seeing pictures of your study.