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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 8 November 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that…

some of which I forgot to photograph. IMG_9138

I did do a bit of Pollocking. This was the lining paper I put under the fabric I roller-printed yesterday – the black marks came when I painted the kebab sticks. [I must confess that I turned the paper round to distribute the marks, knowing I was going to overpaint it.]



This is a piece I  used for left over paint on the roller - [hence the white streak - before dribbling on the Brusho. I thought it went well with my socks.




I decided not to show you the degree sketchbook yet – my rationalisation is that there isn’t much in it, but really it’s because I haven’t yet worked up the courage.


So here is the cover of the book I made for the Contemporary Textiles Workshop. We  didn’t have to make a sketchbook – but I made one anyway. Bet you’re surprised.

I don’t often do Japanese stab binding, because of the difficulty in opening the pages, but I wanted to use some of the big pieces of paper from the workshop, so it seemed the best choice.

The cover is a piece of black card with bleach dribbled on it. I wanted a more string-like effect than I got, but bleach is a bit unpredictable! Then it looked a bit bare so I added dimensional paint and webbing spray. And then I went on the Jackie Langfeld workshop and decided that every self-respecting piece of card needs stitch. And tassels. I contained myself and didn’t staple any torn corrugated card to it. Well, I haven’t yet.

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Kitty said...

oh dear, I have done precisely nothing since the Contemporary workshop. I see the next one is less than 3 weeks away. Do think if I bought cake along no one would notice?