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Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 22 November 2009

Feeling madly creative …

with the emphasis on madly. It started because the Contemporary Textile Workshop is on Friday and I decided to get my stuff sorted for it. [Yes, I get earlier and earlier – but it made me tidy up the workroom which is A Good Thing.]


Here is the stuff I need for the degree on Wednesday.  Restrained, no? [Well, my homework needs to go in there too but there’s not a lot of that.] [Oh, and a mug.] [And lunch.] It’s IT and a lecture, that’s why there’s so little.



Here is the stuff for CT on Friday. Sewing machine, painting stuff, fabrics and threads, hand sewing kit, file, and a bag of different rolls of paper. The stick thing will have a paintbrush taped to the end for long distance painting. Obviously.

As a result of doing all that, I decided to work on the CT sketchbook I’ve been showing you – starting [and finishing, I thought] with the demented kite. But one thing led to another – and another – and I ended up doing 3 and a half new pages. [Lovers of neat, normal embroidery should look away now. Or possibly read a different blog.]


Half -  because this, which I showed you yesterday [I think] …






now looks like this. The result of finding a bit of black vegetable net - when I was looking for black thread for the demented kite. And then a furry turquoise pipe cleaner, a bit of beach-combed fishing net, some shiny fancy elastic and some orange raffia.

See what I mean about mad? But I like it much more than I did! And it does link back to the mad ‘installations’ we did all those weeks ago.

Show you some of the other mad pages another day.

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