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Dorothy Rowe

Friday 27 November 2009

Contemporary Textiles

The second workshop was today – but it was more about paper than textiles, at least for me. Unless paper is a textile? Photos tomorrow – I realise I keep promising that but by the time I sit down to type this I’m too lazy to get up and take photos. Five times this week we’ve had to set the alarm in the morning – it’s as bad as being at work. [OK, most of the time I’m going to make breakfast at the time I would have been at work…]

I took the CT book I've been showing you, and nice things were said about it – even about the bits I hated. And a couple of suggestions from one of the teachers made me think I may have the beginnings of the inkling of the germ of an idea where this is going – and how it might link back to Banksy and lead to degree level work – which has got to be good.

Of course I could wake up tomorrow [another alarm morning] and decide it is a very bad beginning, inkling, germ or idea.


So, as a kind of celebration, here is the last page of the book. A pocket made from a bit of stamping, some painted papers which didn’t make it into the book, and the pattern pieces for the 3D fish – which didn’t go to the workshop.

Mmm – have to think of something else for tomorrow’s photo …

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