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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 9 November 2009

A demented kite?


Well, it is according to Wensleydale.

According to me it is an unfinished piece of textile art.

If you have Jae Maries’ book ‘Contrasting Elements’ you will know that it is not an original piece of textile art – but it is great fun and seemed to fit well with my transparency and loops of string theme.

With hindsight the spaces for the weaving are too closely clustered together – an extra kebab stick across the left hand corner might be a good idea. And  although Maries suggests you neaten the knots, I suspect mine may become a little tasselish, in due course.

Apart from that, my creative activity today has consisted of getting ready for Wednesday. Yes, I know it’s only Monday, but after last week’s emergency trip to Hobbycraft I decided to get ready in good time, so any lacunae could be filled. Fortunately today I had all I needed – apart from some lino, and I’m sure the teacher will have some – although I have lots of Softcut in case she doesn’t. If you don’t understand a word of that – we’ll be making lino cuts and Softcut is an easier to use alternative.

Still no sewing, although it has been suggested that we might get round to it next week …


Here is the first page of the Contemporary Textiles sketchbook – and the inside of the front cover, proving that the stitch goes all the way through. There’s a Kantha’d stamp [ragged because I did it on a Colour Catcher and it tore] and a mind map of possible techniques. Just one or two. I had an hour to fill, due to arriving somewhere very early, and it sort of grew…

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