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Dorothy Rowe

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Calling all Hampshire textile artists!

You might want to know about this - if you don't already.

See you there - but I don't think I will be entering these, much as I like them.
These are the three experimental pieces after washing. They all shrank a bit - and they all distorted - which may be due to the repeated diagonal foundation piecing as much as the washing.
From left to right - the piece on cotton wadding, the piece on cotton flannel, and the piece on felt - which definitely shrank the most. However the flannel had been washed once already, so might have shrunk more if it had been loomstate.
They are all now in a dye bath. Yellow, as it happens.
Today's yellow picture continues the floral theme. In Part 1 of C&G we had to select an artist to study and produce some 3d pieces [anything but fabric], inspired by his or her work.
I chose Andy Goldsworthy - in particular this image.
And this is my tribute - in crepe paper. It doesn't quite have the magic of the original - but it was fun to do.

Once again, Blogger doesn't approve of my para breaks so isn't including them. I feel like giving it a lesson on improving legibility!

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