'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 29 March 2009

Ducks, warts and green things.

We had an enjoyable time yesterday [in between the sleet showers] helping Babybel's mummy celebrate her birthday [albeit a few days early].

Birthday celebrations these days have to include a dog walking opportunity and baby entertainment - so tend to be outdoors. We walked by the water, played on swings, slides and climbing frames

and here are Babybel and her other grandad, Mr Cheddar, feeding the ducks. or 'Da' as she calls them - and swans, coots, Canada geese - anything with feathers, really.

Speaking of ducks reminded me that when we went to the farm for my birthday Mrs Cheese Minor suggested I include this photo in my yellow series - but I forgot. So here it is.

Adolescent ducks with their plumage just changing from yellow to white.

So that's the ducks. The warts?

I read a discussion on another textile blog about whether to show one's mistakes as well as one's successes. As you may have noticed I'm a believer in showing 'warts and all', to quote O. Cromwell.

So here is a wart.

The last time you saw it, it looked like this, since when it has gained some hand stitch - mostly chain stitch variations - and beads. For some strange reason Wensleydale likes it.

I think I learned from it that quilting and embroidery doesn't always work - but I do like improvisational patchwork.

This is its big sister - which was going to be cut up into smaller pieces but ended up being used to try out the quilting patterns in my embroidery software. I'm never going to achieve a perfect feather wreath any other way!

The next step will be to put it into a dye bath - partly as an experiment, partly because I don't think the orange bits work - so I will try dyeing the whole thing red. My reasoning is that I should end up with a range of reds and purples - we shall see!

My green image is a set of ATC's I made for a swap - they went off on their travels a long time ago so this is the only record I have.

Not. I think. a wart!

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Kate North said...

Not a wart at all, those green cards. I have one of them, I should know!