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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 2 March 2009

Turquoise: day 2

Do you get the feeling I like photographing stuff on beaches? You would be right! This was taken at Milford on Sea one lovely cold sunny afternoon.

Lots of texture for embroiderers, and an unusual juxtaposition of colours.

I think this time I was good and didn't bring the plastic home ...

I have finished the centre of my tile inspired piece. I'm very pleased with it, but need to decide about a border - and what it wants to be - book cover? box lid? bag? panel?

It all depends how much of the end of the day dyed fabric I have left - and whether I can find it again ...

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Jenny Cooper said...

The tile piece really appeals to me. I'm not good at emboridery stitch names, but it looks like a type of fly stitch. How did you achieve the sort of transparent effect (sorry, I can't find the right words this morning) under the stitches?