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Dorothy Rowe

Saturday 28 March 2009

If in doubt -


What I should have been doing was carrying on experimenting with my embroidery machine - but although I tamed it at last on Thursday I wasn't feeling strong enough yesterday to resume the fight.

So I drew on some buttons. [Tutorial found on Craftstylish.]

The flash makes it a little difficult to see but it worked well within the limitations of my drawing skills. I wouldn't use these buttons on anything that was going to be washed regularly but if you have a lot of boring buttons, as I have, it is a way to make them more interesting.

I only tried permanent markers, not the other suggestions in the tutorial, but I may get round to the nail varnish when I can find it ...

Then I made a book. Looks a bit boring doesn't it?

As the pages were rather thick, I did a 2-section pamphlet stitch binding, sometimes known as 'two bound as one'.

The pages were some old design work, ripped up. Unfortunately as it has been rolled up for about 12 months, the paper is reluctant to lie flat, even after a night under my old Singer. So it went back under there after it had its photo taken. I have lots of ideas about tile embroideries in my head so I think this will become a design book for those - it's about the right size and roughly square.

I haven't forgotten my salt pan theme , though - this, below, is based on the first very simple ideas I had. It is discharged with bleach. When I finished discharging the patches were a lovely golden brown but with neutralising and washing it seems to have lost that colour so I may overdye it golden yellow. I intend to quilt it and then - lots of embroidery.

And the final yellow picture - some celandines, also from the Hillier Gardens.

Tomorrow I shall go green.

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Maggi said...

The book is progressing nicely. Have you tried a light spray of water onto the pages and then put it under something heavy to try to flatten the pages? Your embroidery samples will probably give enough weight to flatten them however.