'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Wednesday 18 March 2009

Wednesday wander

We went to Andover this afternoon - a lovely drive along back roads, and through Wherwell, which has far more than its fair share of thatched cottages. Hampshire was looking at its most Rowland Hilderish. It was mild and sunny and although there is still little sign of green on the trees [apart from lichen and ivy], the hawthorn and cherry blossom is out - not to mention a few daffodils [my favourite flower.]

We were on our way to the Fairground Craft Centre, alerted by a reference on Jackie's blog to this exhibition. Nearly 180 pieces of art no bigger than a CD case. It was fascinating to see what an amazing variety of things artists could do with such a tiny canvas - or piece of paper, or fabric, or metal, or ...

Although I didn't know it was hers at the time, Jacki's piece caught my eye almost immediately we went in - well, it is a book - but a beautifully made and very original one. You can see it on her blog.

Most of the other pieces were actually displayed in CD cases - which make very good frames.

[Another bonus of this pleasant little gallery is that it opens right off the cafe. We recommend the treacle tart - very lemony ...]

Although I made a wall hanging for C&G which included work mounted on CDs

and although Cheese Minor's Best Man produces a calendar in a CD case every year - I had never thought of putting work in a CD case. I find it a very inspirational idea - so when I have worked though all the other inspirational ideas ...

One I have completed is this - except for mounting. Unfortunately it is a bit too big for a CD case. I considered a number of ideas for the border but in the end I went for more wheatear stitch, which I have become quite fond of.

I think it is going to become a panel, perhaps suspended by one corner. Unfortunately I can't work out how to show it like that on the blog - apart from photographing it on the slant, which will show all the less tidy bits as well.
Today's orange image is another piece of Chinese ethnic embroidery, in cross stitch, which I am not fond of - but it works here.

Just don't ask me to do any.

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jackie said...

I am pleased you enjoyed the exhibtion but so jealous that you got to try the treacle tart.