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Saturday 29 August 2009

And for my next tricks …

I move on to Fotoflexr – although it is quite possible I’ve already mentioned it as I’m getting all these similar names a bit confused …

I like this program quite a lot, although I couldn’t get the distortion effects to work. Apart from that it is quite simple to use and has a range of over 20 effects, all of which allow a certain amount of tuning.FotoFlexer_coloursketch

This is the ‘Colour Sketch’ effect, which I think would be a good basis for some traditional embroidery – if I ever did such a thing.




FotoFlexer popfade_Photo

One of the adjustments you can make is to fade out the effect and fade in the original – which is what I did with this one, combining the original image with the ‘’Pop Art’ effect.



FotoFlexer_blueprint fade Photo

I did the same thing with the ‘Blueprint’ effect, which I haven’t found anywhere else. These are my sort of colours – I like this a lot.




FotoFlexer_inkstamp   fadePhoto


And this is ‘Ink Stamp’ + fade – fading in the original adds a little bit of colour.




FotoFlexer_neonfade And this is ‘Neon’ + fade.







Fotoflexr, like Picnik, seems like a good place to start if you are new to all this – not too many decisions and pretty straightforward to use – although if anyone works out how to get the distortion effects to work, please let me know!

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Jackie said...

This would be a beautiful design for a silk painted scarf. In fact I thought it was one.