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Saturday 22 August 2009

I hope you didn’t think …

that the books I showed you yesterday were all I bought at FOQ. That would be very unlike me. IMG_8130

There was this lot as well. More books, some paints and markers and a few threads, including a ball of totally ridiculous knitting yarn. And some wadding, which is the cream stuff underneath everything else.

No more shopping now till September.

For today’s images I thought we’d have a ragbag of effects that don’t fit in anywhere eldumprcirclesse.

I like the Amazing Circles effect on Dumpr, although I am not sure how I would ever use it in embroidery. I haven’t found any other program that does this, although of course you may know different …




Another unique one, as far as I’m aware, is the Escher effect at Pizap. Download your image, and click on the ‘Effects’ tab to find it. I think it’s more of a spiral than an Escher, but it’s different.


pizap_com90_79029302811250091250532308078-1  Mucking about with it in Picasa – warmifying, saturating, and increasing shadows and highlights – produces something that looks very much like tie-die.


kaleidoscope size 10

This one is the Kaleidoscope effect in Pxlr. Upload your image and choose Kaleidoscope in the filter menu. Then move the ‘Size’ slider as far to the left as you want – unless you want a busy kaleidoscope.



kaleido 3

I like this one so much I can't stop playing with it. This is the supersaturated passion flower – love the colours and the radiating arcs.





art poster

One of the other filters in Pxlr is ‘Art Poster’. Applying that to the original image and adjusting the colour produced this.





And making a small kaleidokaleido 4scope from the image above led to this.

Looks like a ‘Silk Cut’ advert, but despite that I love it. But then I do like purple.

Can you imagine this in very carefully done, more skill and patience needed than I’ve got, purple and  grey silk?



Speaking of kaleidoscopes- there is always Kaleidomaker. For this you have to download an image from the Internet – or at least  I’ve never managed to do it any other way. The result is much more like a traditional kaleidoscope.




Increasing the shadows and highlights in Picasa produces something I find more interesting .




august '094


And finally – I made a book to put printouts of some of these images in -with copious notes … 

No, I didn’t make it from scratch today. The back was something I had been playing around with off and on for a while – felt with strips of hand dyed silk bonded to it, cut into strips and zig-zagged together, cut up and rezig-zagged, topped with net, machine embroidered – you get the picture. It just seemed right for a book about passion flowers – even if some of them are bright green…

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Dahn said...

I have a weakness for digitizing images as well, and I am off to try some of those programs. Thanks Celia, I will probably waste hours all because of your post!!