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Dorothy Rowe

Thursday 27 August 2009

A question, an outing, a mistake and an embroidery.


First – are there any fungi experts out there who know what this is?  It is growing in our front garden under my beloved cherry tree and I would like to know what it is. And whether I should worry abut it, as well as seeing it as ruffled calico…

Second – we had a grand day out. In the morning we went to Walford Mill, to see the exhibition, ‘A Banquet at Walford Mill’. Which could have been naff, but wasn’t. It was amusing, stimulating, and enjoyable. And the coffee and biccies weren’t bad either.

Then we went on  to Kingston Lacy, which is fast becoming one of my favourite places. Last time we went round the house but today we hit the gardens, starting with the Sculpture Trail, which is a smaller, wilder version of ‘Art in the Garden’. Kingston Lacy

Three artists have works on display, evocative bronzes by Clare Trenchard,






Kingston Lacy1

powerful abstracts by Phil French, 






 Kingston Lacy2

and my favourites, wonderful animals by Jo  Burchell. Would you believe that fox is made out of barbed wire?






Third - I have realised that when I said I had finished with the ‘one [or a few more] trick wonders’ of the photo imaging world – I hadn’t. There’s another one – Pixisnap. Which has two tricks.

This one, ‘Polaroid’

and this one, ‘Mosaic’. pixisnapmosaic

Both effects allow you to do a certain amount of tuning, and I can see possibilities in the mosaic.




And finally – an embroidery.image-24 Graffiti meets Kantha. I did it on a Colour Catcher – which didn't like repeated unpicking. In future I think I will bond the CCs to fine Vilene to make them stronger, as they are soft and pleasant to work on, and some of mine are very interesting colours. Well - all of them are good if you like shades of grey mud …

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Karen Eade said...

It is a type of bracket fungus. It looks like it might be "Jews Ear" but is hard to tell: if you separated out one piece so it wasn't squashed, would it look like a human ear? If yes, then that's what it is. In any case, it is a bracket fungus. Harmless to the tree and the garden but should not be eaten (as if you were tempted..) Some brackets are harmless but some not. Might cause D&V. Karen