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Monday 24 August 2009

Another insomniac night …

so a bit more research- although as you may have guessed I've done some during the days as well…

Today I'm looking at Dumpr, which  offers around a dozen free effects and a few more which you have to pay for. Not all them are of interest to embroiderers – or not this embroiderer anyway. Embroidered Rubik’sdrawing cube anyone?

I’ve already mentioned Amazing Circles, but the site also offers a ‘Pencil Sketch’. Lots of sites offer this but I like Dumpr’s version, although you can’t edit it.  This would make a good start for development, I think.


photo in a photo

I also like the ‘Photos within a Photo’, or ‘recursive’ effect, although I’m not sure how you might embroider it …





recursive alien

The ‘Alien’ effect, despite its name, is useful because it offers some pre-set colour schemes – with a bit of effort you can apply it to a previously Dumpr’d image, and get a recursive alien. Somehow this looks more embroiderable – with a bit of simplification I think it might work in canvas work.

recursive alien pixellated

For example, I pixelated it in Picnik – which makes it a pixelated recursive alien.

Lots of programs offer pixelation, which looks as if it should be useful for counted techniques. This is a bit rough but could be tidied up if I was actually to embroider it.  Although it is a bit too brown for my taste …


Dumpr also has a ‘Lomo’ effect – which you can also find, in an adjustable form, in Picnik. A Lomo, the site says, is a Russian camera. One deduces that it is not of particularly high quality, but produces interesting effects – like a slight colour change and darkening of the edges of the image.


Here’s the original in case you’ve forgotten what it looks like, after all this faffing around.





recursive lomo

And here’s a recursive Lomo, which looks to me as if it had been printed on lace. 





You may have noticed that there has been no mention of the book.  I couldn’t face deconstructing it but it is not fit for publication. The covers look OK  but the binding is a bit of a disaster area – but as the covers were made from magazine photos I can’t show them to you [the C*******t word – NO, not that one, there are too many **s!]

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