'If you make happiness your goal, then you're not going to get to it… The goal should be an interesting life."

Dorothy Rowe

Sunday 2 August 2009

I will never moan about British Gas again …


At 9.30 this morning [yes, Sunday] a BG engineer arrived, uttered the reassuring words ‘Oh, it’s the same type I’ve got at home’ and fixed the boiler in 30 minutes, including tea drinking time.

We have warmth!

We have hot water!

We also have a gate. But only because Wensleydale put the roof rack on the car, went up to S***s and collected it.

Turns out that all the ‘Oh yes, we’ve go one in stock, we’ll deliver it on Thursday’ was cobblers. Wensleydale had ordered a right hand gate. [No, I don’t know what the difference is either.] Right hand gates, it turns out,  are special order – but no-one told him that. It was only because he decided he’d take whatever they’d got that he found out from the manager.

The ironic thing was that we initially ordered a gate from somewhere else,  but cancelled the order because their gates were made to order and it would take three weeks.

That was, of course, three weeks ago …wood4

This is today’s Pickniked image – I think. [I have also Paint Shop Pro’d the plank, but I think this is a Picnik version.]

I think I used the duotone filter and then added a frame.

Although I can still see a nude in it I have suddenly spotted a head and upper body in profile – a bit Gormleyesque. Which is fortunate because I have almost decided to choose Gormley for one of the installation artists I should be studying for Contemporary Textiles. You know, the excuse for making all those sketchbooks. Until I abandoned the pretence and admitted I just felt like making books.

IMG_7840-1 I used the version of the plank I showed you yesterday for the outline of the stitching on this bit of embellished felt I did ages ago. It’s in reverse because I machined it from the back, using a variegated perle in the bobbin.IMG_7843

But the stitching didn’t show up enough for my liking so this morning I attacked it with some copper paint. Much more interesting, I think.

This is intended for yet another book cover but, just like the purple one – I know it needs more stitch but I'm not sure what.

IMG_7849 I can manage straightforward decisions, though. Here is Babybel’s new bedding, all ready for her visit later this month.  Notice Ronaldo Junior giving it her seal of approval.






I used some of the left-overs to make this bag from instructions here. That is Babybel’s Daddy’s Spot – and as her daddy assures me he is 30 this month, Spot must be getting on for that too.

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