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Dorothy Rowe

Monday 10 August 2009

An end and a beginning.

This is the end. IMG_7927

Computer knitting.

Why, you may ask, had I got so much white mohair?

There was a period when:

  1. the local charity shops all seemed to have sizeable quantities of white mohair
  2. I had delusions of dyeing it.

Eventually it dawned on me that:

  1. I don’t like dyeing with acid dyes [needed for animal fibres] nearly as much as I like dyeing plant fibres with Procion
  2. mohair sweaters are not a good look for someone who is – er – shall we say ‘generously endowed’?

So it sat in my stash until I decided to make a blanket with it. I cast on about 150 stitches – I think – with a biggish needle and knitted and knitted and knitted for months, while reading e-mails, until it was as long as I am. And then I picked up stitches all round and made a border. [Five long circular needles of approximately the same size – one for each side and one to knit with.]

The stripes are because I had different weights of yarn – I used a polyhedral die left over from Cheese Major’s role playing game days to randomise the stripes. [Well, he still plays that sort of game, but hunched over a computer rather than with tiny plastic figures. And his mother no longer has to spend hours in Games Workshop.]

And the beginning? Well, I had tIMG_7924o start some more computer knitting, didn’t I? On a slightly smaller scale, although still with five needles. A toe-up sock.

No – I can’t start a sock and read e-mails at the same time, but I can do all that knitting in circles which would otherwise drive me nuts. [The wool is Jaeger three ply from – you guessed it – a charity shop.]


While I’m in a yellow mood, here’s the plank again, rippled in Picnik and then saturated and sharpened in Picasa. Patchwork, canvas work or raw edge appliqué?

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